Terms and conditions

ITS WordPress MS Service

  • The WordPress MS service is provided on a best effort basis (i.e. that it is not a ‘critical’ service and should never be considered as such.)
  • That is maintained and backed up as part of any other ITS system, and outages will be arranged from time to time, without direct notification.
  • Providing user and administrative access to the WordPress site for those who have successfully applied and have been granted a site.
  • We do not provide training or instructions on the use of WordPress or the programming languages that are used to populate or stylise its contents.
  • We will make best efforts to install and test plugins and theme upon request. Items that are deemed insecure or dangerous will be rejected without appeal.

Unit, School and Student Society Use

  • WordPress sites are granted only to members of the University of St Andrews for Unit, School or Student Society. Applicants’ staff or student number is required on application.
  • Applicants must provide contact details for a Primary and Deputy owners, to which both will be given administrative access.
  • Student Societies WordPress sites are subject to a 4 year operational period which, at the end of the 3rd year, has to be renewed.
  • All WordPress sites must not grow over 1GB in size without prior agreement and authorisation with ITS.
  • All WordPress sites must not be used to store, display or transmit text or images that could be considered offensive such as pornographic, racially abusive or libellous material.
  • All WordPress sites must be aware of the possibilities for copyright infringement which arise out of their use. Making copyrighted video or audio material available, or reproducing images or text from other sources may be a breach of copyright law and thus illegal.
  • All WordPress site administrators are responsible for the users created on their site, and they must ensure that they should not violate any of the above terms and conditions.