Frequently asked questions

Installing themes and plugins

You cannot install plugins or themes as an admin on your site because we run the multisite version of WordPress. However, you may request standard plugins and themes to be installed (those available on the WordPress plugin directory). To do this contact IT Service Desk  and send us the link to the plugin or theme.

Installing your own themes and plugins

We can install plugins and themes you have created, as long as we are able to run and test them on our WordPress test server first to verify that they do not affect the system and are safe and secure to use.

How to add users

You can add internal (University of St Andrews) and external users to your site by using the Add New User option in the admin Users menu.

Changing user roles

You can do this by activating the locally written role modifying plugin called St Andrews Change User Role.

Domain mapping

The WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin is activated for all sites. This allows you to map your blog to another domain, so your WordPress site would be at rather than Please consult our documentation in this PDF file: WordPress domain mapping (PDF, 344 KB).

All other requests

For all other enquiries please email [email protected].